The Taystee Lab Building is transformative.

It will completely revitalize the growing Manhattanville Factory District bridging Columbia University and City College with the world-famous 125th Street Arts and Culture Corridor.

special features

The building’s two lobbies provide tenants convenient access whether coming from the east or west. Both lobbies are awash in natural light featuring terrazzo floors and perforated metal ceiling.

The building’s two elevator cores and wide column spacing assure maximum tenant layout flexibility. The high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass provide all tenant spaces with abundant natural light, creating warm, inviting and productive work spaces. On several floors, interiors open to expansive outdoor space.

State of the Art

350,000 sf Class A,
new construction, purpose-built
life science building.

The Ecosystem

Thoughtfully designed landscaped
passthroughs and civic spaces throughout the District organically connect 1.1 million square feet of life science and commercial users.

Base Design

Includes above-standard power and ventilation to accommodate life science users.

Designed by BR+A Engineers

Additional Features

• Nearly 20,000 square feet
of outdoor space
• LEED Certified
• 14’ slab-to-slab heights

Class A

350,000 rsf, new construction, LEED-certified, lab ready.

Life Science Infrastructure (BR+A)

Base design includes high capacity power, high velocity ducts, acid waste neutralization/vent riser systems, and designated locations for tenant emergency generators.

Economic Incentives

REAP business income tax credits, energy and real estate tax benefits.

Outdoor Spaces/Terrace

Nearly 20,000 rsf of outdoor space comprised of terraces on Garden, 2, 6, 8, 10 and 11th floors and almost 3,600 rsf of courtyard space.

Smart Structural Design

14’ avg slab heights, 30’ column spacing, highly efficient floor plates and 100 pounds psf capacity.

Retail Space

Almost 20,000 rsf of restaurant and retail space available, complete with black iron exhaust ducts for commercial kitchens.

Facts & Figures

Gross Building Area

350,000 rsf

Floor to Floor Heights

Floor 1 — 15’0”

Floors 2-4 & 6-11 — 14’0”

Floor 5 — 14’9”

Garden Level — 12’0”

Exterior Wall

Glass curtain wall and spandrel glass wall.

Column Spacing

30′ East to West
20’–30′ North to South

Dual Lobbies and Core Orientation

Dual side core with separate east and west public entry lobbies. Private tenant entry lobbies possible.

Structural Load

Steel frame and concrete slab with 100 lbs live load.


4 passenger and
1 freight/passenger

Loading Dock


LEED Silver

Bike Room

Indoor bike storage room


Convenient access to A, B, C, D and 1 train. Metro-North to the east.

Outdoor Spaces

Nearly 20,000 rsf of private outdoor space plus direct access to the District’s many landscaped passthroughs.

Outdoor and Green Space

Floor 11 – 3,619 SF
Floor 10 – 3,415 SF
Floor 8 – 2,121 SF
Floor 6 – 3,147 SF
Floor 2 – 2,265 SF
Garden Level – 3,408 SF
Open Landscape Courtyard – 3,600 SF

Base Building Mechanical & Electrical Systems

Heating System

3 Gas-fired hot water condensing boilers.

Heating Distribution

Floor-mounted fin-tube radiation including electric control valves.

Cooling System

Consists of one 1200 ton (3) cell cooling tower with ability to add fourth cell as needed. Ample capacity for tenant supplemental cooling.

HVAC-Cooling Distribution

Floor-by-floor water-cooled package units with ability to convert to 22,500 cfm AHU.

Tenant Electrical
Load Capacity

12 watts per square foot demand load exclusive of base building HVAC.

Economic Incentives


Taystee’s tenants that relocate jobs from outside New York City or from below 96th Street in Manhattan may be eligible to receive REAP business income tax credits equal to $3,000 per employee per year for twelve years. A company relocating 200 employees could receive a $600,000 per year income tax credit under REAP representing savings of between $15 to $20 per square foot per year.


Taystee’s tenants may be exempt from the occupancy tax that companies pay south of 96th Street. Users would be exampt from an annual tax of 3.9% of the rent, representing savings of more than $2 psf per year.


Qualifying Taystee tenants could benefit from reduced electricrity rates from two programs: ECSP and BIR. The first program could reduce an entire electric bill by approximately 15% to 20% for each of twelve years; the second program could reduce the entire electric bill by an additional 12% to 15% for fifteen years. Combined savings range from approximately 27% to 35% of total electricity costs. Tech, life science and other manufacturers may also benefit from savings on gas charges.


The Taystee Lab Building will qualify for an enhanced 25 year Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program (ICAP) real estate tax benefit that will significantly reduce tenants’ exposure to real estate tax increases.